Consulting for Strategies

A skilled partner who partakes in your firm beginning
Strategic consulting that will bring you success
What if you have a professional for your strategies?

Have an idea? In charge of a new project?
But if you have no idea where to start, that’s because you do not have proper strategies.

Why do we need a creative strategy?
A successful business always happens with creative strategies and smart solutions.

That does not mean all of us have to be planners.
We will become your planner for strategies and partake in the most difficult as well as important “begining.

The idea becomes materialized.

The materializing process is needed in order to embody your ideas successfully.
You can reduce the trial and error through this process.

You can thoroughly understand your core customers.

It it critical to comprehend your customers.
Once you fail to figure out your core customers, the project also fails 100%.

A quick perfomance is possible.

Once you set on the most efficient solution and building method, you can process everything faster and more clearity.

The expence gets decreased.

You can reduce unnecessary expence and allocate your budget on the most needed places.

Your management becomes systematic.

You can efficiently prepare the whole management process such as sales management, transportation & transaction management, and marketing management after buillding your system.

Failure rate decreases.

Based on efficient marketing strategy, you can increase your profit by securing sales and customers.

Business Modeling

Financing (Government Support), Buisness Model, Market Reseach, Customer Analysis


Logo & Branding, Tone & Manner, Photo/Video Story Planning


Ecommerce Solution Information & Guide on Building


Sales Channel Integration, Product Management, Payment Gateway, Shipping and Fulfillment services


Customer Analysis, Contents Planning, SEO, Social Channel Management, E-mail Marketing Automation, Paid Ad


Production/Management Education, Personalized Education, Employee Training, Developer Coaching

Wonderful and skillful strategy consulting for successful projects
  • Strategy for an enterprise's global market sercuring process.
  • Global selling plan for products through Cloud Funding.
  • Strategy of small/medium business supporting enterprises on perfoming international-marketing supporting project.
  • Strategy of start-up businesses on launching global services.
  • Strategy on global ecommerce platform entry.
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Global Marketing Strategies
Strategy on building a shopping mall with multiple languages and Product Marketing Strategy

A small enterprise that manafactured an incredible product with successful funding
through each country’s Cloud Funding Website produced a multiple languaged shopping mall using Shopify.
Also, the enterprise records high number of sales in a short period of time because of its marketing using various social channels.

An enterprise's foray into international market
Strategy on foray into international market of Industrial Products Manufacturer.

An industry that produces industrial protection gloves based on worldwide techonology plans to foray into the global market starting from Seattle, USA. They are working on the project successfully with us providing global sales channel building, management, marketing strategy, and employee training.

Why work with us?

We are a global ecommerce specializing company that possesses developing technology and practical knowledge on Magento, WordPress Woocommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and more.

Unique skills and real field experiences
We provide the best local skills and practice knowledge on ecommerce solution.

We have diverse data and experience on various industrial products, robots, and customer goods including make-up product, health-product, and baby-products out of the education and consulting we had.

High Level Understanding on Diverse Enterprises
Out of our experience on various projects, we are able to plan the perfect strategy for each industry.

It is possible to discuss consulting as well as providing partner information regarding building homepages and shopping mall websites, including one-stop processing. Once you work with us, you would not need to worry about the whole process. You will be able to proceed your projects fast with outstanding results guaranteed.

Strategic Partner Network
We are able to carry out strategies fast with out professional partners from different fields.

Quick Start with Creative Planning!

You can obviously do it alone. However, you can begin and grow faster by doing it with professional partners. Focusing on your strenghts is the shortcut to success.

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