Global Ecommerce Marketing

A skilled partner who partakes in your firm beginning
Global marketing for sales increase and brand awareness
What if you have a international marketing professional?

Preparing well for global marketing?
Having any difficulty due to the different environment from your local market?

Global marketing should be different from the local one.
If yours is not, you need a global marketing professional now.

Global marketing professional would increase your sales and brand awareness through successful marketing skills such as contents marketing, social marketing, e-mail marketing, paid advertisement, and more.

Your business becomes optimized for Google search.

Yours will be optimized on Google which has more than 70% of the entire world’s portal market.

You can produce multiple-languaged contents.

You can produce and allocate contents suitable for global market.

You can increase brand awareness through social websites.

Through the customer-focused channel management for millennial generation, z-generation, and more, you are able to grow your brand fast.

You can perform continous customer care.

Global market regards E-mail Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management System, and Help Center as important services.
You can do customer care effectively by building these services.

Effective Expense Usage becomes possible.

Launching effective campaigns on Google Adwords Keyword Advertisement and Facebook/Instagram Target Advertisement becomes possible.

You can analyze your performance in comparison to your goal.

It is possible to measure your achievement on marketing activities along with cost-effetiveness analysis.


Blog solutions through famous overseas websites such as WordPress, Medium, Tumbler, Blogger, and more. SEO optimized. Deriving automatic search engine.

Social Contents

Photo shoot for social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and more. Including photo uploads and channel management.

E-mail Marketing Automation

Automatic solutions through Mailchimp, Getresponse, Stibee, and more. Collection and Management of Customer Data.

Customer Relationship Management System

Central Management for Customer Data through Salesforce and Hubspot.


Research solution for trend and customer evaluation through Google Form, Typeform, and SurveyMonkey.

Paid Advertisement

Google Adwords Keywords Advertisement, Facebook/Intragram Target Advertisement, and more

Optimized Global Marketing that Improves Sales and Brand Awareness with Certainty
  • Makreting plan of an enterprise to secure its share in global market.
  • International marketing for a product invented by Cloudfunding.
  • Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA)'s Global Marketing Support.
  • Raising Brand Awareness Marketing for a New Brand by Startup.
  • Marketing which uses Global Ecommerce Platform and Service.
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Global Marketing for Creative Idea Products
Marketing Activities for Growing Sales on Pet Products made out of Ideas and Robot Techonology

A small-and-medium corporation that invented a creative product
by colloecting fund successfully through Cloudfunding website
now built a multi-languaged shopping mall using Shopify.
Also, the corporation records high selling rate in a short period
through their marketing in various social channels.

Brand Marketing of an Enterprise
Brand Awareness Increasing Marketing of Industrial Goods Manufacturers in Overseas Market

An industry that produces industrial protection gloves
based on worldwide techonology plans to foray into the global market starting from Seattle, USA.
They are working on the project successfully with us providing
global sales channel building, management, marketing strategy, and employee training.

Why work with us?

Forget about the marketing with no achievement and overwhelming price.
We do not talk about unrealistic goals.
We do not exaggerate about unimportant information.
We provide only necessary, practical information and achievement process.

High Level Understanding on Strategies and Execution
We proceed your marketing with sufficient understanding on marketing strategies.

From the data as well as experience we got through consulting and education on
make-up products, health products, baby-products, various industrial products, robots, and customer goods,
we create appropriate channels and contents.

Deep Understanding on Diverse Industries
We support suitable marketing for each industry out of our experience in various projects.

We guide you to understand and use the correct infromation on our system.
We synchronize CRM, e-mail automation solution, backlink analyzing tool,
and keyword analyzing tool with yours and support you with them.

International Marketing Solution Synchronization Skill
We provide guidance as well as sychronizing skill that allow you to utilize mutiple global marketing tools and solutions.

Efficient Maketing Process!

Not having any profit? Feeling you have weaker marketing skills compared to competing corporations? We will support you with those issues. Not as a money-consuming hippo, but as a unicorn that leads you to success.

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