Having difficulties to start a business?
That's because you don't have strategies yet.

Consulting for overseas expansion strategies

Training on Shopping mall production and management

Marketing at International Shopping Websites

Webschool training center

for strengthening sales increase and brand awareness

SBL, the 12 years experienced
professional global ecommerce supports your success and growth.
Consulting for Strategies

International markets have many differences from local markets. You need proper overseas expansion strategies and marketing strategies from the beginning.

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Global Marketing

We provide management supporting service that is optimized for contents marketing, social marketing, and email marketing in global market.

We also provied Google Adwords Keyword Advertisement and Facebook/Instagram Target Advertisement services.

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Shopping mall management education

We assist you practically through core education on shopping mall management and practitioner training.

We provide beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes on production, management, and marketing according to your level.

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We have the deepest knowledge
on international shopping mall.

We have diverse experience and knowledge on starting a business, shopping mall production, management, and marketing. We have been providing consulting as well as building services through global ecommerce solution, along with management/marketing education.

Magento, Woocommerce, and Shopify prove that we alone can offer both production skills and management ideas at the same time unlike other local companies.

About us
Specialists at SBL

People of SBL

SBL supports your success with professional skills and knowledge.
Recieve the differentiated service of the professional group.
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